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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holiday Gift Idea!

The code is below and more banners will be coming in the days ahead!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Topics Of Web Arts Marketing Workshop 1.0

For the first time in history the playing field is leveled through the medium of the internet. This presentation introduces to practitioners of the Arts how to effectively use the web to get your message out and grow new audiences. A definite "must know" not just to survive but to thrive in your craft.

You are invited to an important workshop presented by noted Online Arts Marketing specialist Marcel Nunis and assisted by his client, artist Aileen R. Imperatrice.

Saturday, October 20th, 2007
Ashtree Studios
Limited to 45 attendees.
$10/person payable at the door.
A "How-To" cd is included in the price.


* A brief overview on the concept of marketing and utilizing the web for your promotional needs. The overview will include a discussion on using blogs, myspace, youtube and the differences between new and old media.

* DIY Website the Affordable DIY Way.
a. Why have a blog on/as your site? (a free approach to a web presence.)
b. Why own a Domain? (an affordable approach to a web presence.)
c. Basic website needs.
d. A blog & a Domain - Now What? Part 1. (A step by step "how to" on domain fowarding.)
e. A blog & a Domain - Now What? Part 2. (A step by step "how to" using free blog software such as Wordpress to set up your dynamic site.)


* Promoting Your Site & Event.
a. To the Media. (Basic Press Release practices)
b. To the Masses. (Using your cyber power effectively)
c. Email Marketing (personal email vs op-in email lists)
d. MySpace Practices 101
e. "Steal This Banner/Video" (A "how to" on banner creation & basic coding.)

Watch Out For Web Arts Marketing Workshop 2.0 will include further details on Myspace, YouTube and much, much more!

Ashtree Studios
1035 N. Fulton
In the Tower District
Fresno, CA 93728

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Video featuring Jungle Webs client Aileen

Mini documentaries like this embedded on your site or blog help people find out a little of who you are and what you do.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jungle Webs is proud to sponsor...

ROGUE YEAR ROUND with Suicide Lounge & Tale End! Debauchery hasn't been this much fun in a long time. A debouched lounge act followed with an even more debouched one-act!
A double header you can't afford to miss!

6:30 PM (Doors open at 6 PM - no latecomers after intermission.)
Sunday, July 1

STARLINE Performance Venue
831 E. Fern

Come early... order food from next door and drinks from the bar and enjoy!


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Web Banners

You already have a jpg or gif graphic like the one below.

Popular sizes are between 100 - 250 pixels wide. This enables the person "stealing" the code to easily embed it in the sidebar of their blog or site. It is also generally advisable to have a choice of banners. For instance 100, 150, and 200. The banner below was created by Theatre Ventoux for their production of This Flattering Glass.

If you have your own website... just designate a page (that may or may not be for public view for your images to be placed.

If you have a blog... upload the image within a post.

This provides your image with a "home" or location on the web. By right clicking on the image and checking "properties" most of the information that you will need will be displayed.

Looking at the code above... you will find the important information to fill in below to create your code
  • href="http..." - this is the address you want the reader to go to when they click the banner. In the case here it is... http://www.theatreventoux.net
  • target="_blank" - opens the site in a new window.
  • scr="http..." this is the location or home of the image. In the case here it is... http://www.theatreventoux.net/Images/TFGBanner2.jpg
  • height="http..." the height of the image.
  • width= "http..." the width of the image.
For more on HTML Code tutorials... GO HERE!

There you have it!

I Heard About It From A Friend!

Promoting Your Event with Web Banners
by Lisa Repasky-Sandhusen, Arts Marketer

Ask someone why they attended an arts event and the most common response is, “I heard about it from a friend.”

These days, “I heard it from a friend.” doesn’t necessarily mean that the two friends spoke in person. The internet, now offers many convenient opportunities for friends to reach out to each other through blogs, MySpace pages and personal webpages. It also affords non-profit arts organizations an economical opportunity to generate “word of mouth buzz” using banners posted onto personal web pages.

The Center for Modern Dance Education (CMDE) (hyperlink http://www.cmde.org/news.shtml) added the use of banners to the traditional marketing campaign to promote its 2006 Open Door Dance Concert, an annual outreach concert dedicated to presenting dance theatre to new audiences.

To keep the branding consistent, artwork from the print campaign was used to create banner/buttons that were then uploaded to the CMDE website with the accompanying HTML code available for anyone to cut and paste. Fliers were hung around the studio directing students and visitors to access the banners at the CMDE website.

Banners and buttons are an innovative way for everyone involved in your arts organization to share their interest with their ever widening circle of friends, and become an important part of any marketing campaign by opening new channels to BFF (Best Friends Forever).

63% of survey respondents at the Open Door Concert noted that they heard about this event through word of mouth although it’s not clear exactly how many were attracted by a friend’s banner button. Successful promotional campaigns depend upon repetition. Banners and buttons offer additional viewings and reminders and may be viewed more often when received from a trusted source.

Editor's Note: CLICK HERE for a "how to" on creating web banners and linking them to your event.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I got Your B.I.T.S. Pt. 3 right HERE!

(reprinted from theatrejnerique.com)

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have included this article (and a few more coming up under the B.I.T.S. section.) To read the first part of this series.. click HERE & HERE.

TALE END - marketing a new play Part 2!

(or... How we got over ourselves, experimented in web marketing and sold out 3 out of 5 performances at Rogue 2007)
by Marcel Nunis
(independent playwright/director/producer)

Mind you, even though the intent was to Create excitement (or at least intrigue) with the creation of a brand new play there was really no "diabolical" plan on how this would be accomplished. So, everything was just one step beyond the "willy nilly" stage. What would be the "hook"... apart from the fact that it was a new play? It was 4 months from "premiering" at Rogue 2007... and a completed play didn't even exist yet.

Epiphany: You can't sell a product that doesn't exist!

Then... BOOM... one morning (after a 4 week drag) there was a sudden burst of creative energy in play writing. Within 7 days the play (at least the first draft) was completed. I can only guess that my creative doodling with the video helped unblock me.

*The success of our "art" has always been dependent on "buzz".

So, now I had a product. (Yeah, chide me for calling it that... but ultimately, if you are selling tickets to a show... you have a product.) Now the promotional thrust began to take shape. 2 words came into play AWARENESS & INTRIGUE.


The show had been cast by this point (3 months and counting) and workshop readings were underway. I had asked the cast to post about their experience as the process of creation was taking place... warts and all! (The workshop and rehearsal process turned out to be a "love fest" but that's beside the point... if things got challenging and ugly they had the freedom to blog about it.) Though it did take a while... the cast did finally warm up to the idea.

Theatre J'Nerique has had a website since the late 90's. It was pretty much a "static" site that operated as an electronic billbord of sorts. Since we hadn't produced for a while all the "news" there was at least 3 years old.

Adding a blog to it (which is really easy to do) made the site a lot more interactive and immediate. The fact that readers can comment also gave the potential audience member a direct buy-in into the show. * The idea is that if you follow something long enough... you'll want to catch the "final product."

(* All "art" is the skillful craft of manipulating thought and emotion.)

A poster had already been created for the show. (2 and a half months before.) Instead of limiting it to just a "hard" print form... a digital form was also created and placed on our blog. Readers were actively encouraged to "steal it" for their own blogs or sites.

I had my own MySpace account that I never paid much attention to. I didn't much care for their blog format (Blogger and Wordpress seemed more accessible and immediate) and it always seemed like more of a "dating network for a 13 year old mentality". On the plus side... everyone and his uncle has one and it seemed a great way to send out bulletins to a "captive audience"... if for nothing else maybe a way to get more readers hooked on to the blog at the company site.

The "target audience :

a. the usual suspects (local theatre nerds)
"Friending" target A:
Start with your friends in theatre... then move to "harvest" their friends. (Chances are they are into theatre themselves.)

b. a brand new audience.
"Friending" target B:
Hit "locals" (within a 50 mile radius) who are involved in other disciplines of the arts - poets, musicians, etc. (You'll be amazed how many of those in the other disciplines have never been to theatre... this gives them the perfect reason to check it out.)

Then, just about anyone (within a 50 mile radius) that would respond to your request to "add" them. The rationale was that if only 20 percent of your "friends" took notice of you... that's 20 percent more than you had before.

"Other" Sources:
Apart from MySpace bulletins... articles and notices were also posted in local "citizen journalism" e-zines and email forums from time to time informing of something "interesting" was occurring at our site. (BTW... owning our own domain provided a central and easy to remember location for people to check in to see what was happening at their own convenience.)

During the workshop period it was also decided that another VIDEO should be produced and posted. This brought even more immediacy to the awareness that "something exciting" was brewing and in the works.

Two months before mounting the show our site was averaging 200-300 hits a day. Now it was time to move into the area of creating "intrigue".

Read about that in the final Part 3. Coming Soon!

If you have tips and techniques in Arts Marketing on the Web that have been successful for you... send an article 500-1000 words to itworked@junglewebs.com and we may just post it here. Please include: Your Name, Email Address, City and (yes) your Website. Jungle Webs is a webs solution business but one that cares about sharing affordable (and often free) techniques in Arts Marketing on the Web.